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If you are using ThemeGrill themes then your site could be in danger of being wiped by nefarious attackers that could sneak in through the ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin.And you may have to update the plugin in order to patch the bug.I was alarmed when I read about this...Then I remembered I don't have that theme installed and I have Wealthy Affiliate for my website hosting that can help especially in a situation as this...Right!? :)I immediately realized I was worrying about nothing! I stop
OK, I researched my keyword, but the QSR (i.e., quoted search results, the competition out there) and the KQI (i.e., keyword quality indicator, just tells you whether it’s a good keyword to use or not, it doesn’t tell you how they arrived at that conclusion or why you should rely on it, your best guess is something to do with their algorithm) were way beyond my comfort levels or below, depending on however you choose to consider the situation. Really now, it’s not about keywo
The distinctions seem easy enough. We give or get comments on our posts or pages, it's all about the content. Comments will actually appear on the website's posts or pages that you are visiting, provided that the site owner approves your comment. Most site owners welcome reader's comments. Unless of course, it's something completely off the wall, argumentative or offensive. Feedback, for our purposes will not appear on the website's posts or pages. I prefer to think of Feedback as inter
Ok, I'm making progress in my training though having to write an article each time slows me down...I've decided I will continue to move forward, even if I have yet to complete an article or post for a section. I have determined to move forward and simultaneously work on writing.At the same time, I'm learning, growing and adapting to the social media animal. (Not quite expert yet!)Considering we are living in a fast, fast, fast world (e.g., fast cars, fast computers, fast planes, fast communic
Hi AlexEvans!Thank you for your comment. After replying to your comment, I read over my reply and decided to make it into a quick blog for the benefit of the rest of the WA community.Nice to hear from you...You know you are absolutely correct, "headlines can be one of the things that can make a post," (Source: AlexEvans) especially when the writer is competing to grab the reader's attention, and you only have, but, a split second maybe to capture that reader and bring them into your world for
After inserting the Amazon affiliate links to my content on the WPDashboard back office, the words that are linked are highlighted. That's great! Fantastic! And when I scroll over the highlighted words it routes to the Amazon linkshowing the product and other relevant product information. Again that's beautiful!These same highlighted words, however are NOT highlighted on the published copy that the readers/prospective customers see...unless the readers scroll over the specific content conta
...after publishing I went back and edited that post through WP-admin, of course. It went well.Satisfied, I thought nothing further of it.The following day, while working on something else on SiteContent, I noticed that the changes that I made earlier on my latest article were not reflected on the SiteContent version of that post.So I wanted to transfer those changes I made earlier to my post through WP-admin to my post in SiteContent. I went here, I went there...asked around...wrecked my bra
May 16, 2018
...put simply, a method or procedure for doing something. (Feel free to consult your dictionary for a fuller explanation.)Although the word is most commonly associated with math and computer circles, more and more I hear the word everywhere (the word is ancient however). Yesterday, I heard the person running the cash register at my local WalMart store yell out to another employee in the middle of a crowd of customers, "'re gonna have to change the algorithm...."I did chuckle a bit... :)O
I just received notification that my website has been indexed in Google...Thanks Kyle, Carson, WA Community!
There are two camps: (1) those that believe his reference was to beer, and (2) those that believe his reference was to wine. Perhaps he was a teetotaller or maybe not. But, he did enjoy wine. Aahh! I think his reference was to wine.What do you think?