Training in Bootcamp

Last Update: February 18, 2021

Bootcamp Training.

I had to go with this image. This was me before wa. Staying hidden where I could find safety. That has all changed now. I am completly emerged into the social media world. In time I will start working on some youtube videos.

As I have been working on my sites and applying what I have learned so far from this platform things are really starting to come together. Progress has definatly been at my own pace.

I do enjoy reading the post sent out by other members. They are always insighful, inspiritaional and encouraging. The support here is unmatched by any other platform.

Even though writing is not my favorite task while building my online business it is one that I am overcoming. I am living proof that all members at any level can overcome any obstacles you may come across while learning and applying these lessons. I recently had six articles indexed by Google. Proof that by following the training and applying the steps as outlined you will have success.

Keep pressing forward. No need to get stuck, confused or frustrated. Just ask for help.

Be safe

Mike, aka 1800cc.

I need to update my profile picture.

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Twack Premium
Nicely done, sounds like you're getting outside your comfort zone and reaping the benefits, good for you.
Only1Hugh Premium
Yeah Yeah Mike sounds like you are really taking on and applying the training to your benefit. Oorah Soldier!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Love it Mike! Take care, my friend!

Meenaf1 Premium Plus
Congratulations on your progress and having 6 posts indexed! 🎉
1800CC Premium
Thank you Meena.
Be safe
Meenaf1 Premium Plus
You're welcome!