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Last Update: October 26, 2019

Hello WA family. I am currently on Certification Level 2. Learning the steps to becoming an Ambassador. My progress has been slow but thats waht I like about WA, you work at your own pace as time alows. My first web site is about RC Cars and Trucks. Me and my son both enjoy spending time together outdoors driving crawlers and cars. It has been a fun way to spend time bonding and sharing many memories via video that we have downloaded on our computer. More blog post to come. Until then enjoy the journey.

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HeidiAnders3 Premium
This is awesome!! Great job. You're making excellent progress; Congratulations!!
1800CC Premium
Thanks Heidi.
I have had a very productive day today.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Michael, doesn't matter how long it takes, chipping away gets us there.

It is great if we can create that cross over website. Creating content around something we enjoy can be a win win.

Best wishes.
1800CC Premium
Thanks Alex.
Matthuk Premium
Great first blog and your spot on hope you have great success with wa
1800CC Premium
Looking forward to my future with WA.
Thanks Matt.