Attack of the smart bots

Last Update: May 25, 2023

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I research some weird things as a past time. Many like to play games, I love to read up on things.

So last night as I was winding my night down to take a nap I was reading on a forum I frequent a lot. On this forum I came across a thread on a certain smart bot that has been operational now for close to 2 years I think.

I'm not going to name the bot program as I don't wish to encourage its usage, and I'll explain why it will hurt you in a moment.

Anyway, I was astounded when I read what this bot could do.

For years I've known of what are called traffic bots. They fake traffic to your sites or accounts in an attempt to create an impression you have lots of visitors.

Many ad networks and places like YouTube regularly come up with ways to unmask these bot networks and have gotten really good at it. Because the old school bots were extremely limited in their functionality.

But get this.

This bot mimics human behavior and will fool even Google.

It starts by locating the posts you identify to it on Google search. Using search it then goes to your site through them.

This is where it gets a little futuristic for me.

It then moves a cursor around the page as it also scrolls the page, to fool heat maps and mimic human behavior.

THEN it will click on links to other pages in your site to feign interest in your content.

Before moving on as to why I believe this is a horrible bot to use, let me now examine the next logical step for this.

If they can program this bot to move around in such a way as to fool heat maps and Google, then it will only be a matter of time before someone connects it with an AI program and starts using it to leave comments on our sites. Might already be happening.

I know one of the recommended ways of getting ones website out there is on comment sections where it allows you to link your website.

Imagine a bot with the above features hitting thousands of sites a day leaving intelligent little comments along with their website links.

I think in the near future these advances are going to be biting those of us doing things correctly in the rear.

Why I advise to stay away from the smart bot.

While this bot can fool Google Analytics due to its human like behavior, it will also likely lead to many lost ad network accounts as they wonder why their ads aren't being productive the way they are on average at similar sites.

These ad networks have statistics down to a science on realistic percentages based on volume of ads served and will notice drastic deviations on folks using bots like this.

It will also likely push you to reach the ceiling on your traffic with your host provider. All host providers (even here at WA) have a ceiling on the traffic per month you can have. Is it worth using that up on fake traffic pretending to be human?

The claim I saw on the thread is it will help one rank in Google when they record all of this interest from their search.

But really, it seems like a waste of time and money to me. And a way to set up handicaps for you in other ways as I mentioned with ad monetization and visitor bandwidth.

I thought I would let you know about this. I can also see this being used as a weapon against competitors who use ad networks.

So if you see a dramatic rise in your visitors in Analytics but nothing else is matching up, you just might have had someone point such a bot on your site. Especially if you have heat map on your site and it seems like these folks are real.

Thanks so much for reading, and hope today is kind and productive for you.



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Recent Comments


Good morning Jason,

Thank you for your very wise words, it's appreciated.

This is the problem with smart technology, yes, it can be used for good, but it can also be used to cheat and give false information! Sadly, due to the way the world is going, AI and associated tools will be used to try and cheat the system! In turn, this will make it difficult for the honest people who are trying to do things right, as you rightly mention, Jason!

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, members are writing stories which members are responding to and saying how wonderful they are. They are not personal stories, they are stories written by AI! Traditionally, a blog post was about a personal experience, not an AI experience! Of course, the benefit of this is that the member can receive a high ranking quickly! And the downside is, the content is not real!

Have a great day.


Hi Roy,

Appreciate your thoughts on this.

On your last part about achieving rank quickly, on which I'll likely be posting about soon, I think it a worthless pursuit. There is a rank assigned and then a rank folks really know.

An example of this is I am ranked high, but no one in their right minds would believe I've done near as much for this community than say someone like Partha or Eric etc.

I don't put a lot of stock in the ranks, and don't understand those I see gaming that system to acquire one that doesn't back their own actual merits.

I think there is the ranked ambassador, and then those like yourself and others I've mentioned who are ambassadors actually doing real work changing folks lives with your many questions and posts and training over the years, as well as your vast experience with which you can jump in and answer questions knowing the answer because you're kind. That is a real ambassador that is so often cast aside in an attempt to quantify what an ambassador is.

I don't need a rank to know who you all are. :)

Sorry for my mini rant there. I've noticed more gaming this system since somehow falling over that line and it's not a pretty thing to witness.

Thanks for weighing in. I think we better buckle up and watch to see where everything will land as we move forward hoping that enough folks will want real connections and not get sucked into these many false ones AI is creating.



Hello Jason,

It's a pleasure, I believe that we are thinking along the same lines on AI.

That's interesting, I was thinking of posting something along the same sort of lines, as I think many people are being taken in by AI content!

It's great that I believe you are here, as I am, to generally learn about Internet marketing and associated tasks and to mix with like-minded people. This has to be a good thing! Even if I was highly successful at Internet marketing, I do like the idea of being around like-minded people and hearing various training modules. I would still have no intention of leaving the platform.

Yes, I understand you regarding the ranks, it's kind of a fun thing, although I can see the good and the bad side of ranking! As you mention, there are different types of people who rank. I think that most people have something to bring to the table if they are genuinely learning something new from the training. Or even from elsewhere, providing it's on-topic. Even if someone has just joined and they have just put up a website or just written their first post, it's kind of nice to celebrate and encourage them!

I have ranked fairly high for a few months now, however, I'm not highly successful online, I am more successful with my offline business. I have actually been self-employed virtually all my working life; I left school in 1981. However, I am building and I have been playing around for maybe too long online. There are many people who have been online a lot less time than I have been and are much more successful. Although, I would like to sell my offline business and go full-time online.

I have been in rooms with Internet millionaires and I have not felt out of my depth whatsoever! But if you put me in a group of people who are having a general knowledge quiz, I'm out of my depth! I guess that's because I want to learn things that I'm interested in, not where the capital of a country I have never heard of is!! The Internet and the power and potential of the Internet really does fascinate me!

I notice that your profile says, "Here to learn how to build a website and learn the ins and outs of blogging and SEO." I always think it's good to keep posts Internet marketing related etc., exactly like you are!

On the subject of ranking again, people like Roope, get a natural ranking just through posting achievements, goals, ideas and struggles etc. In this way, people rank in a fair and sensible way. I know my ranking goes up and down depending on how much time I have or how busy my offline businesses is!

Wishing you all the best.


Hi Roy,

Like yourself I've been self employed much of my life, in arbitrage.

I now live in an area of the country that isn't as friendly to my methods, so am turning to online again. I did this the first time I lived in this area and was involved in self publishing.

My goal is to build up a blog and get it profitable enough I can use it to create a hybrid between what I used to do and blogging.

I appreciate connecting with you.



Good morning Jason,

I always find it interesting, in a good way, about how people make a living.

I believe that there are many jobs that can be moved online, the Internet has opened up so many opportunities. I sincerely hope what you're doing works for you. As I'm sure you know, are many success stories that have come out of Wealthy Affiliate, which is fantastic! Often it's just a case of staying focused, in fact, I believe we almost have to stay focused and keep pushing forward.

It's great to connect with you Jason and I wish you every success in what you're going. There are some great people on the platform.

A very happy Saturday to you.


Hi Jason,

I am aware of those scam attack bots. I know it has hurt some WA members' websites. Some have backlink bots that seem to be challenging to get rid of. They would have to disavow those links. Even doing that still hurts a website's reputation.

I am not aware of these traffic-intelligent bots. It's an excellent warning to tell us. A similar sign I discussed in my post today is about the potential dangers of AI and how it can be risky or helpful for humans. I see that these technologies are getting wiser to fool people. As you said, fool the big G, and that's one of the dark sides of AI technology I discussed. We have to watch out for this post and not accept those things.

At least we can control comments in our blog; if we see that, we can remove it quickly. I hope there is a solution to that. Is there? How will we know such a "bot" gets attached? That means we must manage and watch with our eyes to study the traffic metrics closely to ensure we get real traffic. Not traffic from the bots. I hate those things. I believe they do exist. Those evil things lurk to do damage, just like those hackers or viruses.

Thanks for sharing these hot discussions. I love to engage and discuss these topics.

Hi Brenda,

I'm growing more uncomfortable with where this tech is headed with each passing day.

I have my blog set to require my approval before a comment goes live, but am worried these slick AI bots attached to the bot I mention in the post might be able to fool most of us.

I'll take a look at your post in the morning. I have some things to do tonight and want to be able to focus with clear mind when I read it.

I just steered a newer member to follow you (not sure he will but he seems eager to learn), I hope you don't mind. I left it in his comment section on his first post. Now that there is no class, I'm going to do a few more replies and call it a night as I'm off tonight and tired. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by. I see so many pumped on all of these developments and I don't get they seem to not see the implications. I know you do.



Very interesting article Jason, thanks for sharing!

This does prove to be problematic as you say the bots have this new capability.
I do understand a lot of sites have used bots to get extra traffic to rate high in Google, however they are not really getting anymore sales.

Best to be up front with site comments and know we are getting genuine feedback on the websites, I guess by really studying the comments can be the way.

All the best to you

Kind regards

Hi Erica,

I agree at some point this will come back to bite the hands of many who will use it now to gain advantage over those of us doing it correct. Sadly as competitive as so many things are, I guarantee this will become more weaponized by those who will achieve success at any cost.



That sounds like a hard scenario playing out!

I wish there was a way around identifying the differences of a bot article and a human article.

Kind regards

I think when it is used for comments it will be even harder to detect for us.




As my system is still on the Greek time, I was up earlier ( 0200), still doing laundry, clearing emails! I happen to stumble on ghost followers created by bot! And read up on it.

Interestingly, one can purchase followers! If you buy fake instagram followers, instagram may ban your account for encouraging dishonest practices.

One can purchase fake Twitter and Instagram followers!

It is an interesting read, then I found this post!

Amazingly, our brain waves was being driven to similar topic.

Thank you for this post Sting!

It’s a beautiful day, just woke up to continue my task of cleaning up!

Maria 🌹

Welcome back to the time zone. :)

I've known about the fake followers for years, there are even services that will get you enough subscribers and watch time (using bots) to get your YouTube channel monetized. The forum I read this on has many offering such services, as well as selling older YT accounts that qualify for monetization. I've also read of some who use those services being demonetized as somehow they were found out down the road. I'm guessing because eventually those bots left enough of a pattern YT was able to figure it out and then strip all of those follows and watch times.

Years ago it was news that many celebrities were pumping their Twitter followers (by a lot) to create a social proof scenario.

I'm glad this was timely for you.

It's frightening what is possible now, and becoming difficult to know what is real or not online.

Glad you have a beautiful day there. Kind of chilly here today, which will make for good sleeping weather, which I'm about to do. Extended nap time has been calling me.

I can imagine as sociable as you are the email clearing is going to take awhile, as well as catching up on vacation laundry.

Hope you have some nights off before having to go back to work so you can rest from your vacation.

So great to have you back.



You’re kidding me Sting! This is what falls down to “rest”!!!

I was socializing with new found friends from the trip, at the same time, running laundry, dreaming what to do with the fresh radishes that was just harvested from the garden! These fall under the category of REST!!!

It was cold last night! As Tom is still under the weather from the high-strung vacation, I had the fireplace lit again to keep the house warmer.

I believe I am still off until June!

It’s a struggle to get back to the normal time zone!

I have lots of spinach, lettuce, radishes! I made some delicious creamy spinach soup last night. Maybe I have to go to town and get me a nice salmon head for myself and make Greek salad with tzatziki dip with a good French bread. I bought some tzatziki spices from our trip. 😊

When are you working again? Go take a really good nap, as it is so refreshing, sleeping in this nice Spring weather, from which I got out of, having to sleep in the comfort of our living room!

Hah hah,

Maybe in your book, but as one who has done most of the household laundry as an adult I don't find it to be rest at all.

Good that you are off for the next week. I have off until Sunday night, but am burnt up a little about working it. My company is paying those who aren't scheduled for the day, and those of us working it are getting time and a half.

In years past on principle when that has been the case I've refused to work and chose no pay. It really means they are paying me half pay when those who don't have to work it are getting full pay and I'm only getting half more than them. This will make the first time I have to work it in spite of my objection as I need the money.

It'll likely take you another day or two to begin readjusting to the time change. You have one advantage because of working night and flipping your days and nights from when you work and don't.

You and your salmon head, hah hah. I've never had it either, you were correct in your earlier post when you mentioned your fellow travelers were taken aback at your eating it. I can remember seeing the packages in grocery stores of the fish heads, the one eye staring at you from the packaging.

I am still waking up now as I sift through comments. In a few hours I have to go shopping.



Hahahaha! Oh Sting! I can imagine you like Tom, would get embarrassed when I have “salmon head” in the cart!

Catherine, the Great was proud to announce that “salmon head “ was her favorite dish! And I am glad that at least 2 people from among the WA family have had the same experience (Frankie 🎸😎 & Nickster) !!!

Let me define laundry (USA style) : dirty clothes from the hamper to the washing machine to the clothes dryer then fold the clean clothes. All I did was move the clothes! And finally fold!

The process is unlike that of the third world country, that you literally sit down with dirty clothes and scrubbed each one, rinse and hung in the clothes line to dry, iron then either hang or fold! That my friend is WORK!

I realized that I was scheduled to work on May 31 & June 1, then we have a wedding to go to on June 3rd. One of Tom’s best friends wedding. This wedding requires “NO GIFTS “ please in the invitation! We just need to be there to support the couple! (As this is his 2nd) we are still good friends with the first one, who walked away a millionaire after their divorce from a 20 years of marriage. It pays to have a good divorce lawyer!

Is there a class tonight Sting? My daughter has a school concert at 6pm, that we have to go to, which originally was a baseball game at the stadium.

Believe it or not, this is the 2nd nap I had in a day! I woke up @ 2am, continued laundry, chatted on messenger, at about 0630 am, took a nap in the living room, woke up by about 1030am, continued my laundry and clearing up emails. Attempted to work on my article for my website, took another nap. This has been my most passive activity ever!

Okay Sting, signing out now! Till our next exchange ~ Take care!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

I don't get embarrassed by a lot when it comes to customs and preferences. Mostly just folks being rude and not called for, if I normally think kindly of them can embarrass me. Sometimes though it's called for then I got heir back :D

I find laundry tedious as I am always crunched for time and prefer to focus on one thing at a time. Having to juggle stopping and starting multiple times over a couple of hours with the folding at the end triggers my OCD and I find it not enjoyable nor relaxing.

Class was canceled last night as the video Kyle had made was corrupted, so he postponed it until either Sunday or Thursday. I'm hopeful it will be Thursday as I have an early start on Sundays for now until the end of June.

I have ill feelings on how one party usually makes out in a divorce as I will likely be paying for mine until the day I die unless I can become one of the 10% of bloggers who do really well. Equality until we are in front of the divorce judge and that's all I'll say on that. :)

I love naps. I believe that several naps a day is more beneficial than one long sleep cycle despite what they say. Many animals live that way, but they also aren't on the unnatural cycle of working a set amount of their hours per week on rigid schedules for most of their lives either, hah hah.

You'll slowly ease your way back into your normal routine. You've had quite the changeup with lots of new activity packed in such an intensity. Your mind and body are recharging. :)



We’ve been married fora while, but my food preferences still boggles Tom’s, particularly my salmon head! I guess it will be until I die! 🤯

It’s the OCD in you that finds laundry work! Remove that factor and you’ll find folding clothes therapeutic. 😊

WA was down for awhile in the morning yesterday, as I was trying to get to my websites. Then I saw the chatter in Live Chat. Didn’t realize it will affect Kyle’s class.

When someone would exercise infidelity so easily, just because they can, I say, “Drain the man for what he’s got!” I have no problem with that!

Sting, it has been like several days since we got back, and I still feel not my usual self yet! Hopefully, I’ll be ready before I get back to work!

Have a great evening Sting!

Maria 🌹

My partner also has weird tastes but it works for her. I don't have to eat it so don't mind.

I can't remove the OCD, but I doubt I would find it therapeutic regardless.

On the infidelity issue, it makes it a harder pill for so many of us men to swallow since there is an epidemic of cheating women who then clean the man out on (with court assistance) their way out the door, as I've experience myself and witnessed many other men as well. As I mentioned, I'll be paying for my ex cheater till the day I die unless I hit it big. I was lucky with the first cheater and she only got 99% of my belongings at that time with court assistance.

So the drain the man as you put it I find (as more men are) to make many relationships not worth the squeeze. Because regardless of the fault it is almost always the man who is indeed getting drained.

We'll have to disagree on this.

But as more men are not going to college now for many great reasons, I have faith that as women begin having to split a larger half as they continue making more filling positions that require degrees, these laws will find their way to changing. :D



You made me smile with your contention on this divorce issue.
If the wife cheated, get a good lawyer to fight for you! Sometimes, men’s complacency gets the best of them. If my husband cheated on me, I will get the best lawyer, let him pay for my lawyer as well! And I will make sure I drain him of what he’s got!

Now we can agree to disagree! 😉

Your partner doesn’t have weird taste! Excuse me Sting, Just because we’re cultured, doesn’t make us weird!

There is a reason why I do the laundry, as Tom finds it stressful, as you do. Oh men! 🤭

My last comment on the topic.

Since the U.S. adopted the Duluth model which has a view that the man is guilty until proven not, what men have found (as did I) that the partner can go to court, make baseless accusations and receive court orders basically ejecting you from the home with no provision to make a defense. You didn't even know the court was having a hearing.

In the case of my first divorce, she used this tactic and immediately moved the boyfriend she was sneaking around with in.

I lost all of my business items for sale, our community vehicle and literally all of my belongings that wouldn't fit into one suitcase. I had no income (lost all of my merchandise), was temporarily homeless with no vehicle.

It took me a good half year to just gain my own residence and a cheap 500.00 car.

A good lawyer was out of the question, any lawyer was out of the question.

And even with good lawyers men often get stuck hard.

Men have begun waking up to this, even spurring the creation of an extreme fringe movement in the red pill community called Mgtow (men going their own way).

Like many men, I've watched my dad, my uncles, my brothers, men I grew up with, etc. get burned, often more than once. The results are in and growing for many of us and no amount of pretending it isn't what it is will make us deny our own realities or the ones we see our brothers go through.

As well as watching many of the women in our lives doing this to men.

Obviously not all women, but I don't see many of the women who aren't who feel anything is wrong with drain the man. It's his fault obviously, he should have planned for betrayal and had enough for a good lawyer. :/

As for culture, nothing says culture more than a good pizza, or drop biscuits with eggs, bacon and hash browns piled atop one another smothered in a nice country gravy. That there is culture that can make a mans stomach smile. :D



Reading your response brought me so much sadness.

I am so sorry Sting. I never meant to be harsh when I said, “Drain the man…” As it infuriated me when such injustice happened to my friend and her 2 kids, that they were forced out of their home, as their dead beat dad left them for good because of another woman.

I love your version of food culture , but is in no way matching your partner and I’s version of a true food culture!!!

Hi Maria,

Thank you. :)

I've never been a huge fan of fish, although I do like Flounder and can sometimes stomach the breaded fish. The oil of the fish always upsets my stomach for some reason, although as I've aged many things affect me like this. A lot of red meat, dairy etc.

Part of my aversion is due to my view on animals, and this includes fish.

I can remember as a child being taken fishing, and watching as often if it was considered to small, watching the hook be taken out and the fish tossed back in. My heart would go out to the fish as I imagined internal tearing from the hook, and then to be just tossed back in to suffer and maybe die or worse, end up on yet another hook.

Also as a child, my dad one year had pigs on his small farm. Then one weekend we woke up to breakfast (sausage gravy) and midway through my older sister informed me it was from the pigs I had been feeding sporadically over the summer.

I can also remember (this is only connected in a roundabout way) my brother and I getting guns at a young age. I enjoyed it for myself, becoming a great marksman. My brother however would take pleasure in shooting any animal not one of our pet family, to which I still find repugnant to this day.

I guess unlike most I've never felt humans are somehow greater than other animals, or as many believe loved more by some creator making it alright to trample over them.

Last story.

I watched a video maybe two years ago of a man laying in his field, and one of his cows came and laid next to him, resting its head on his chest. It really made me think more on our consuming them as is normal here.

I know bacon comes from pigs, and in recent years I have really cut down on bacon as well to only a few times per year.

I do eat a lot of chicken, but birds are my nemesis, which it a tale for another day. :)



You and Tom are similar in so many ways! He became a vegetarian 22 years ago after watching how cows are being treated for human consumption. Although I supported him, I can never be a vegetarian. I love steak too much to give it up!

Have a relaxing evening Sting!

Maria 🌹

I'm going to guess it isn't the steak you love, it's the seasonings being cooked into the steak.

I'm not quite a vegetarian, and have been known to stir the pot with them as well (you can at least pretend to be surprised by this revelation, hah hah).

Plants have consciousness as well. Many vegetarians (not all) adopt an attitude that they are better than their meat eating counterparts, so I have at times asked them what the difference is.

There is one for sure, but I like to see if they can offer a valid one other than the mistaken belief animals have a consciousness lacking in plants.

I knew plants have consciousness since my childhood, but there have been many studies proving this in the last several decades. There is even a school in Italy devoted to the study of plant consciousness. I used to interact with one of the students there online and we had many amazing conversations on the topic.

I have to work tonight for half pay, so will be laying down in a few hours. Didn't get much done on my blog, but got a lot accomplished otherwise. Including buying a portable A/C unit I still need to figure out the vent system for the window. The apartment we are in only has one in the living room and it was made in the 1960's and not powerful enough for the apartment.

I hope after another nights rest you are feeling more of a sense of solidness.



We went to a baseball game yesterday, just so we can both feel at least energized by being with people! It was a great game. Although coming back, I still don’t get my usual self back. I am so disappointed with myself for taking so much longer to recover.

We have done some upgrades in our air conditioning. So we 3 air conditioner in the garage, that can be looking for a home.

I make great steak! My steak is the only one that Madison would eat, as no restaurant can copy the way I do it!Juicy and made perfect! 😋😋😋

I never knew that about plants, Sting! All I know is that Tom behaved liked he can’t even touched meat anymore ( 22 Years of being vegetarian) !

So, that’s why he is keen into gardening! We’re trying to live off the land ( somehow)

Oh , I thought you are working tomorrow. Have a really good rest! Hope you have a great work night Sting!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

somehow I didn't get a notification so just saw you replied.

It's not surprising you are still recovering. That was quite a change in routines, and you were immersed in an energy that is very old and different from the new energy we are immersed in today. We are much more reliant on frequencies than we discuss among ourselves or are taught.

If the temp is nice there, one thing that might help speed it up is to wet the grass and walk through it barefoot. This will help you some in soaking up the Schumann resonances you are accustomed to being around.

I used to love a juicy steak, but part of its juiciness was it was medium rare. I've had many back in the day feel disgust and make comments like it was still mooing, although they were exaggerating. My mom grills a great steak as well, but a lot of it is her seasoning techniques that go along with her grilling to keep it juicy.

You must appreciate what a fine connoisseur Madison is. :)

I applaud Tom his endeavors of self sustaining reliance. It is more natural and allows one a peace of mind when things begin breaking down, like supply chains and what not.

I'm unsure of the refrigerant used in the 3 AC units in your garage, but when I was going to school for heating and air they were ramping up replacing R-22 refrigerant with R410-A.

However, there are many households that still run on R-22 and it's been years since that has legally been allowed to be made, the only supply left being what is reclaimed from old units.

I mention this because the price for R-22 has risen dramatically as many have no means to upgrade their A/C so will pay the higher prices for the reclaimed R-22. So you might be sitting on some money in those units. Don't pay someone to take them off of your hands saying the fee is for the environment. Regardless of the refrigerant type it is worth money, but especially if it is the R-22.

Hope you have a wonderful day.



Hey Sting! After i responded, i had breakfast with Madison and went back to bed!

Now it’s 1252, and I’m up again!

Schuman resonance - this is something new to me. So once again, I googled! I will try this later today Sting! Thank you! Made me realized about the book I ordered, “ Invisible Rainbow “

We have changed our old AC to split type, that is now performing a lot with efficiency, and is working with our system, as we had the solar system installed about 10 years ago. We haven’t been paying electric bills! The electric company sends us checks!

How do you check whether the AC is R-22?

Both me and Madison would like our steak “well done and juicy “. No restaurant can deliver that! I can make my steak well done and juicy. One should have an iron steel pan that can deliver that kind of steak.

It looks like a beautiful day. So I may get off my robe and PJ and maybe go out and try your advice Sting!

Thank you!

Have a good nap 😴! Stay well!

Maria 🌹

Hi, Jason

Great post!

I have the tendency to look at something in a positive light the minute I see the word “smart” in front of it, but it often doesn’t work out for the better.

At the speed things are moving in the programming world, I’m guessing this 2-year old bot is already obsolete.

As tech becomes smarter we have to advance our abilities along with it. It’s our best defense and a great opportunity for self-improvement.

In the metaverse, everything is up for grabs, and analytics is the way forward. 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Hi Frank, thanks so much for stopping by.

I'm sure you've noticed I'm the opposite and tend to see the negative quickly when I see the word smart attached, hah hah.

I imagine you are correct on it being obsolete, and had a lengthy discussion with another member (Shakida) further down in the comments where it was explained they have actually encountered this type of bot with AI attached.

I feel my plan of defense is the best. Get some money going from blogging, buy some land away from the cities, ditch most of the tech and become more of a natural man with nature instead of concrete and tech surrounding me. :)

The metaverse will swallow the coming generation in my opinion and do much to finish off real life community. I see it so much now as zombies walk and drive everywhere with their eyes glued to their black screens. Not cognizant of the real life that surrounds them.



Hi, Jason

You make some excellent points here!

I'm not much of an "off-grid naturalist," but I'd be okay with a mad science lab inside my own dormant volcano with a retractable roof and a team of henchmen. Lol 😎

Speaking of the metaverse swallowing the coming generation, check out my new WA post: If an AIGM doesn't finish us, then I'm entirely certain that humanity will inevitably be ruled by a vicious strain of smart guitars!

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Hi Frank,

The scary part of you having a mad scientist lab in a dormant volcano and henchmen is I don't see you being inept as Dr. Evil was. Although picturing a minime Frank running around with little miniature guitars makes me laugh.

Smart guitars will play themselves and make us all your equal, buahahahahah.

Will head over to your post now.



Haha, I love all those Austin Powers movies!

Self-tuning guitars are already a thing, so it’s only a matter of time. 😎🎸

There was a Saturday Night Live episode years ago with Skid Row on as the musical guests. Bach and Sabo played Axl Rose and Slash in a couple of skits.

One of them was Slash in the studio. Sabo hits one string, and stops and they do their mixing magic in the booth and then play it back and I believe it was the solo for Sweet Child of Mine, hah hah. Been years since I saw it but if you can find it on YouTube both skits are hilarious.

The other one was G&R sings the kiddy hits, and was hilarious too.

Haha, here you go:

Hah hah, yes that was one of them. If you can find the Slash in the studio it was more pertinent to our topic, although Slash doesn't need them to make him sound great as they were implying.

I’m still looking for that one.

Here’s a cool link:

Did you watch that Gibson TV YouTube video I sent you on Slash?

I haven't seen it yet, I'm sorry. I'd actually forgotten about it.

I have a huge file of bookmarks (that is always growing) to check out.

Was this the video?

Yes, watch it this weekend, but give yourself an hour and 13 minutes.

You will love it. Gibson goes into Slash's guitar lair and interviews him. He pulls out many of his best guitars and tells lots of great stories.

You might want to subscribe to Gibson TV; Tons of excellent stuff!

Let me know what you think. 😎🤘🎸

I'll make sure to watch it this weekend. I have a bad habit of saving bookmarks for later perusal if they are longer and I now have an unwieldy list of bookmarks I'll likely never get around to seeing much of hah hah.

Wow, Jason--an alarming heads up, my friend!


Hi Jeff,

Alarming indeed.



Wow! Is all I can say!


I know. I miss the good old days when being good at tech was learning how to move the UHF antennae, or tricking your little brother into holding it so you could watch your show.

Haha! I know what you mean, Jason!


Thanks, Jason.


Thank you for reading this. :)

Welcome, Jason. :)


I ran across one so good it fooled me into liking the post. But it took me several reads to figure out that it was a bot. Not new to me. But most definitely new to others. They also mimic you. Let’s say they hack your account they have access to all of your history. And can compound a similar identity as far as speech goes and how you would talk. This has happened to a family friend of mines. We knew it wasn’t her but because the bot mimic her somewhat. It appeared Normal to those who may not know her personally but to us, we know that she would never say or do certain things.

Wow. And to think many are willingly training these. I saw an article the other day where one of the famous rapper/actors said if any AI program uses his likeness he will be suing them.

Yes I read it too. And the comments underneath that article was stupid saying he can’t sue no one for using or sampling his lyrics or image through Ai.

I believe they are mistaken. I know an artist who will draw or paint fantastic images of copyright figures and sell them. I asked how this was legal and she told me because each piece is hand crafted it is legal. It only became illegal if she used an automation to mass create them.

AI is a tool that can create a mass creation, so on those grounds alone it seems to lose.

Hard to say what various courts will rule however. I'm not saying there is corruption taking place in some of the rulings I see issued, but sometimes the results seems like a good imitation if they aren't. ;)

It may take going to the United States Supreme Court here to fix it permanently. Lol

I just visited your profile since we are having such a nice back and forth here.

I see you use LinkedIn. I logged back on in the first time in many years since I was in self publishing and wow am I getting a lot of what I feel is spam. Seems daily I'm being invited to some event by folks I don't know or remember since logging back in and they pester me about the events.

If you ever decide to do some training here on LinkedIn best practices I'll definitely be giving it a read, hah hah.

And back on topic, will be curious to see at what point the Supreme court will choose to tackle this.

Lol no training on LinkedIn yet. I am tied up with my studies for school but yea. But will give it some though later down the road lol

Awesome. I've heard some great things about the platform, but was totally lost when I reclaimed my account recently and every day I get emails about invitations. I could tell from one of your posts you seem to know a great deal about it, so will appreciate any time you could give in the future once time permits.

I have been on LinkedIn since I was in my early 20s. I had to deactivate my Facebook because of the drama on that social platform. I’ll go back when I want to speak with relatives I haven’t seen in a while lol 😆 other than that, I choose LinkedIn. It’s a very good platform. They have their occasional spammers or direct pitching sales agent actually, that I too, politely ignore and hit the block button on. But at least LinkedIn keeps a lot of the nonsense at bay unlike Facebook.

I've always heard great things about LinkedIn being for professionals, so wasn't prepared for what I encountered on returning. Not that I used it much years ago, but I was in some self publishing groups and a gentlemen who was an innovator at ads encouraged us all to join him there to communicate outside of the forum we were using.

I only created the account back then to follow him but it really seemed to change a lot from what I remember back in I want to say 2016.

Indeed a lot has changed.

Check this out, Jason: 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

Yep, reinforces my opinion. I can't see many artists appreciating having done to them what was done to Drake.

I have to laugh as I've watched MoreLifeShaq reaction videos before, That should frighten folks when he advises Drake to hire this person because they sound better at doing Drake than Drake does,

I agree with his assessment, which is similar to a saying my dad said,

Folks want the convenience.

My dad used to say folks are like electricity, they take the path of least resistance (he was an electrician by trade before his injury as a young man).

Yeah, this doesn't ease my mind.



I believe it’s just a matter of time before profitable talent will be owned as intellectual property in the form of virtual actors, artists, and musicians.

For example, an AI graphic and sound simulation of an actor/actress or rock star that never gets old.

Or created out of thin air using a compilation of several talents (meaning the person doesn't exist) and slowly replacing human talent for program talent that takes the best of the best. For example, the Cobain singing vibralto wouldn't work as Cobain for his fans, however marketed as a new singer and tada, we have a winner.

Yeah, Jason

That’s what I was attempting to convey. Building new AI-generated talent out of thin air that was the intellectual property of big business. 😎🎸

Awesome we are on the same page. :)



Yes, great Rock N’ Roll minds think alike! 😎👍🤘🎸

Have a great weekend, Jason

Thank you Frank, You as well.

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