I made my first commission! Finally! A grand total of.

Last Update: February 26, 2015

I finally made commission and I couldn't be happier. All I needed was that little nudge to keep me going on. If you can get one sale, you can get a million sales by maintaining and increasing your efforts on a daily bases.

Ok so how much did I make? Here is a snapshot with the details:

......... Ok apparently uploading the image isn't working. Well I earned $9 from selling 20 Amazon products. It was my first 20 sales and the commission percentage was still on 4% so yeah. The user made an order amounting to $149 and I received $9 commission from the sale. It takes Amazon 60 days to properly approve the sale and pay the commission because of return policies that my be made use of by the customer.

So there it is folks, $9 earned, $81 to go until my minimum payout threshold as requested by me. Once I have earned $100 Amazon will send a cheque to me in South Africa and I will cash it in for Rands, currently its R11.50 and rising.

$100 is 10% of my current monthly earnings here in SA. When I start consistently making over $1000 a month I can resign from current work place.

Once I have reached my next goal of $100 I will go for $1000 then $10 000 and then $100 000 and I will do it, if I don't give up.

I'll keep this blog updated with all the developments to come.

Keep on keeping on people!


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chrisarnell4 Premium
Well done Charlie
VikashP Premium
Its a good beginning,I am sure you will reach bigger numbers!
skc Premium
Well done!
After nudging a colleague to buy a book via my link, my first has been the grand total of $0.20! All the same, seeing that it 'can be done' is certainly motivating!
DustinG Premium
Hey, look on the bright side... The more the SA government keeps messing things up the more valuable those USDs will become! Lol
-Charlie- Premium
haha, creating a strength out of their weakness I am :-P
Defiant6 Premium
That's great to hear! I've been working hard on my website lately and starting to see some positive results from that. I have yet to make a sale, but I'm not giving up.
nathanpall99 Premium
Great job Charlie! Keep up the good work!
DWestbury Premium
That's so awesome, I too need the motivation this invokes, thanks and here's to the first $1000
trekrider Premium
Way to go...very happy for you. Keep going and soon it will be a good bye to your current job.

Boothe Premium
Thanks for the story and motivation. You keep me going ^.^
AllynBeekman Premium
Great way to look at this first commission - being 10% of the way to being able to leave your job! Way to go. Keep positive!
goldin Premium
Fantastic, well done more to come the only way is UP
Shawn Martin Premium
Awesome! A ,man with a plan!
ToneFleming Premium
Good job! Thanks for the post
DLansing Premium
Congrats Charles! You've inspired me to work harder and never give up!
gombirot Premium

SeanOnline Premium
Well done Charles - I live in SA too, the $/ZAR exchange is stacked in our favour. You go.
wendyk Premium
Great start! :)
LTran Premium
Great job and start :D!
Chris Lee Premium
Awesome work ! Also $9 commission is not bad at all. My first from Amazon was $0.87 ! :)
KatieMac Premium
Well done it is a start wish you continued success
alipope Premium
Way to go! Consistency is definately the key factor in this game it looks like :)
tomtitty006 Premium
Great news Charlie.Just keeping plugging away.
Riaz Premium
wow that is awesome man, keep it up!
suwema Premium
hello, Charlie. congratulations. I live in South Africa aswell it is always a good feeling to find out i am not the only one out here
gregandrea Premium
Way to go Charles! Keep it going!
Eriksen Premium
Well done Charles, keep up the good work ^^)
Shipwright Premium
Congratulations! It's a small commission but it's big progress...you can build on this now and aim for more ...well done .
rufat Premium
My congrats! Don't give up. Sometimes I think of giving up too, just thinking, but there is no way! My sincere advice, make a plan and start writing daily. Writing daily helps expedite the process of getting rankings and increase the traffic. If you create 300 posts within a year, I'm sure you will start making regular sales. This is what I'm doing now.
-Charlie- Premium
I HAVE to do this, you are so right, I have to kick my butt into gear, every day. Thanks man